Odem Bands Schedule Week of 2/8/2016

Good evening,

I hope this message finds you well on Super Bowl Sunday! This week is a very light week for the Odem Bands, but I wanted to be sure to pass on some information that will affect students this week and next.
Texas Music Educators Association Convention/All-State Performances
Wednesday Mr. Williams and myself will travel to San Antonio with our 3-Year All-State Percussionist Noah Villarreal. He will perform on Saturday at 9:30am if anyone would like to attend the concert. It is held at the Lila Cockrell Theater at the San Antonio Convention Center. Admission is Free for what I know will be a fantastic performance!
Please note that due to this we would like students to take their instruments home Tuesday after school to practice and bring them back on Monday the 15th. Please note 6th Grade Band Students in First Period should wait in the Cafetorium or the Gym on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as the Band Hall will not be opened as early as they are used to.
Carnegie Hall
We have four students who have not been measured for the Tuxedos and Dresses. I would like those students to come by sometime this week during lunch so we may get them measured. If another time works for the student we can do our best to accommodate that.
I e-mailed statements out a short while ago. Please note payments should be at $1,620 as of the 15th of this month. If you are behind please be sure you have spoken to me by Tuesday if you have not already done so.
There will be no rehearsal this week as we will be out of town.
Next Week – Solo and Ensemble
Next Thursday, February 18th, both high school and junior high band students will compete at the UIL Region 14 Solo and Ensemble Contest. I understand there is a track meet that day for the junior high. I would recommend those students that are impacted speak with their coaches so that we can do all we can for students to do both. Students should dress up for this event in either their normal performance Concert Black clothes or a ‘Sunday Best’ with no jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes. If ladies choose to wear a skirt or dress for this event please keep in mind that their attire needs to be within the school dress code guidelines. Please no skirts above knee length for this event!
I am hoping UIL will release the schedule this week so we may make further information available soon.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help and support in making the Odem Bands so outstanding!
Mr. Steven Rash
Director of Bands
Odem High School