All-Region Clinic/Concert and Weather

Good afternoon,
As of right now the All-Region Clinic/Concert is scheduled to still proceed!
High School Students need to be at the Odem HS Band Hall by 1pm. We will depart soon after there for Kingsville. (HS students will eat in Kingsville as planned)
Junior High Students need to be at the JH Band Hall by 3pm. There will be a meal of pizza for the JH students before they depart.
We will return around 9:30pm as planned.
Saturday students will need to be at the band halls then by 7:15am. The concert begins at Jones Auditorium at 3:30pm on Saturday with the HS Wind Ensemble, JH Blue Band, JH Red Band, JH Wind Ensemble, HS Blue Band, and HS Red Band. If anything changes I will send it out via remind and here. Thank you!