Carnegie Hall Trip Recording and Meeting Date Change


As we come closer and closer to the date of our trip there are many things that are going to be coming up. First I would like to invite performing students to join the Facebook Group that DCINY has created for the performing groups to join. Their idea is that performers and directors may have some ability to talk prior to the performance. This is a closed group so there may be an approval process to join.
The next thing is to please look at your calendars and arrange for Saturday, April 9th to be free in the afternoon. From 1pm-3pm we will make the required recording for the final approval of our performance program. I apologize for the date change, but there is a track meet and District Tennis Meet on the night of our original date. The only dates which seem to be free are Saturdays. It is imperative that we have students present for this recording as DCINY will make their final approval based on this recording!
3pm-4pm we will have a mandatory meeting for all students and a parent/guardian for each present. We will fill out forms at this time and discuss details like baggage allowances, rules/expectations, and walk through each day of the trip. From 4pm-5pm it is my intention that all Chaperones traveling on the trip be present to discuss what we need/expect from each adult chaperone traveling with us.
Please let me know if for some reason your student or a parent cannot attend this meeting as soon as possible!
Finally I would like to make sure that everyone knows that tickets have gone live on Carnegie Hall’s Website for anyone that wishes to travel separately to see the performance! Thanks for your help and support!
Mr. Steven Rash
Director of Bands
Odem High School