Color Guard/Drum Major Camp

We will be leaving for the Texas A&M University Commerce Color Guard and Drum Major camps this Sunday. I have included some important information below, please be sure students have all forms, bedding, equipment, etc. that they need! Students should be at the High School Band Hall before 6:30am Sunday! (I will have the school open by 6am)

Remind Account for Camp:

For students attending camp we ask that they join this Remind Group:
text @odemc2019 to the number 81010, or go to this link:

Required Forms:

I have received these from most students, but every student needs the 5 pages of forms (3 separate documents) completed and brought with them Sunday morning. We cannot take the students to the camp without these! You may find them at this link:

I will have copies in the band hall in the morning if you can’t print them at home. Parents please triple check that we have these forms squared away before leaving your student at the Band Hall Sunday so that we don’t have to ask you to come back for them.

Dress Code for Camp:

Students should bring appropriate attire for the camp. Shorts are encouraged, but should not be excessively short. (At least fingertip length is a fair guideline here) Low cut out arm holes and spaghetti strap tops should not be worn. This is a school event so please keep attire appropriate. I was asked about cheer attire for those that have it and that attire is okay.

Guard members especially will be involved in physical activity a great deal of the time and should come prepared for that. Leggings/Tights are okay as long as students are still appropriate covered. Please make sure you have clothes that you can comfortably move in for dance routines/flag work!

Drum majors will also be involved in a fair amount of physical activity and should come prepared for that! We do expect Drum Majors to stay ‘professional’ with their clothing choices. Shorts and school appropriate shirts are advised for them.

For all students band shirts or other Odem attire would be preferred through the week so that you can be identified with our school. If you have further questions or concerns please contact Mr. Rash!

What to Bring:


Students will need money for Lunch/Dinner on Sunday when we drive up, and Lunch/Dinner on Thursday when we drive home. Snacks/drinks/souvenir money would be good to have for while students are there, but they are not recommended to bring excessive amounts of cash with them.


  1. Color Guard Camp – Please bring all equipment you would spin.
  2. Pencils/Pens/Highlighters


  1. Lessons, classes, and rehearsals: casual clothes (be comfortable)
  2. Recreation and free time: swim suits, beach towel, sportswear, etc.
  3. Comfortable shoes – NO FLIP FLOPS!

Dorm Supplies 

  1. Twin sheets, blanket, pillow, and pillow case
  2. Bath towels, wash cloth, soap, and other toiletries


  1. Water Bottle (Big Refillable Water Bottle or Jug!)
  2. Snacks 
  3. Medical supplies (if needed) – For students bringing medicine they should have it in a ziplock bag that they will check into Mr. Rash/Ms. Wicks in the morning Sunday. When we arrive at the camp the students will be required to report it to the summer camp staff at check-in.