Odem Bands – Important End of Year Information

I hope this message finds you well! As we approach the end of the year we need to take care of collecting school equipment in a safe manner. Students with school instruments (or mouthpieces, etc) who are graduating, or not planning to return to be a part of the Odem Bands next year, must return their school instruments during the days and times below. All instruments will be returned at Odem HS for both Odem HS and Odem JH students. Upon arrival students should walk/enter through the side gate by the Odem HS Cafeteria, and walk along the bus drop-off sidewalk back to place their instrument inside our Blue Band Trailer. Students should only enter the trailer one at a time to do so, and a piece of paper/tape should be attached to the instrument clearly marking their name and current grade level. Students should then depart immediately unless they are a HS student who needs to clean out their band locker.

If a student is not a graduating senior, and WILL return to the Odem Bands next year, they need to send the serial number of the instrument to the band directors via the Google Classroom assignment they are receiving. Please see this link for assistance in finding most serial numbers. If a student is unable to use Google Classroom please email that information to rashs@oeisd.org 

For students needing to clean-out their band locker, the times below by grade level should be followed. Any student with Jazz Band music should also bring that music at that time. You will be directed to leave it in an appropriate pile, be given a bag to place all personal belongings in from the locker, and must immediately depart. Only one student will be allowed inside at a time.

For all students partaking in these Drop-Offs/Clean Outs they must maintain social distancing of six feet between at all times. Absolutely no entry to the rest of the school will be allowed. 

Thursday, May 21st: 

Instrument Drop-Off 1pm-8pm (All at OHS)

Locker Clean Outs
Seniors 1pm-2:30pm
Juniors 2:30pm-4:00pm
Sophomores 4:00pm-5:30pm
Freshmen 6pm-7:30pm
Odem JH (Must contact Mr. Williams in advance) 7:30pm-8:00pm

Friday, May 22nd:

Instrument Drop-Off 1pm-6pm (All at OHS)

Locker Clean Outs:
Freshmen 1pm-2:00pm
Sophomores 2:00pm-3:00pm
Juniors 3:00pm-4:00pm
Seniors 4pm-5:00pm
Odem JH (Must contact Mr. Williams in advance) 5:00pm-5:30pm

HS Summer Band:

As you are aware there are many decisions that are/will be out of our control for the forseeable future. We are currently planning to start Summer Band activities as normal in July. Should UIL/TEA give guidance that would allow us to rehearse before then, we might attempt to do so. For now we are planning on what we’ve done in the past to begin. In an effort to at least make parents planning feasible we are publishing these dates below. Hopefully we are able to rehearse then, and it will be very necessary for us to have everyone present for those rehearsals, for us to have a successful fall marching season. 

July 15-17: Percussion (Drumline and Front Ensemble) Camp/Auditions at Odem HS
July 20-22: Guard Camp/Drumline and Front Ensemble Rehearsals
July 27th: Marching Band Camp Begins
July 31st: March-A-Thon

Please help us ensure that every student has turned in their assignments on Google Classroom for this last six weeks! We hope everyone stays healthy and well, and look forward to seeing our students in person again when we can!