Odem Bands Schedule 4-23-2018

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the Odem Bands at Windi and Jazzi! I hope you all enjoyed the performances and dinner! This will be an annual event for us moving on, and we hope it continues to grow each year! It was a great weekend having Dr. Ciepluch join us and work with the students. Thank you to the boosters for helping us make this event come together! Particularly I would like to thank Mrs. Mandy Edwards for spearheading the majority of this event for us!

During this past week Odem-Edroy ISD was again named as one of the Best Communities for Music Education in the US! We have been fortunate to be among the very best school districts nationwide for four consecutive years! We are very appreciative for the administrative and community support that makes a program like ours possible!

This coming two weeks is going to be packed with the majority of our final events for the year. Please read each section carefully to help us ensure that students are present for all performances. Please remember that all performances and rehearsals are mandatory graded events!


After School Rehearsal – OHS Students and OJH Symphonic Winds:

All students from these two groups will rehearse after school on Wednesday until 5:30pm to put together our pieces for the mass band on Monday, April 30th at our final concert. This is going to be our only time to get everyone together, so it is imperative that all students attend so they know where they will sit and have a chance to play together on the music. This rehearsal will take place at OHS in either the Band Hall or the stage. We will let the students know before that day which place they need to setup at.


Robstown Festival – OHS Wind Ensemble and OJH Symphonic Winds:

Thursday the students from the OHS Wind Ensemble and the OJH Symphonic Winds will travel to Robstown to perform at a contest there. We will be using this event as an opportunity to make a good recording to send to the ATSSB Outstanding Performance Series contest. Students need to bring their concert clothes to school that morning. They will have a brief chance to change before they eat an early lunch and we leave for the contest. The OJH Symphonic Winds has an hour window on stage from 12:30pm-1:30pm, and the OHS Wind ensemble will be on stage from 1:30pm-2:30pm. We will warm-up, fine-tune the recording levels, and then perform for the adjudicator. The community/parents are more than welcome to attend the performance as it is free to the public. We should return around 3:10pm or so to school.


8th Annual South Coast Jazz Festival:

Friday our small school traveling jazz festival will be hosted in the Odem HS Cafetorium. Jazz students will need to stay after school to help us prepare and run the performances. This will be a great set of performances and we encourage parents and community members to catch some or all of this great event that is Free of charge! At the conclusion of the school groups, the band directors and guests will get together to perform as a big band of our own! This will truly be a special evening of Jazz! The schedule of bands is:

4:45pm – Students Dinner/Directors Rehearsal

5:30pm – Mathis Junior High Jazz Band

5:50pm – Mathis High School Jazz Band

6:10pm – Refugio High School Jazz Band

6:30pm – Robstown High School Jazz Band

6:50pm – Orange Grove High School Jazz Band

7:10pm – Goliad High School Roaring Tiger Jazz Orchestra

7:30pm – H.M. King High School Jazz Band 1

7:50pm – Odem High School Screeching Owl Jazz Band

8:15pm – Directors Band


All-Region Jazz Clinic/Concert:

Saturday the All-Region Jazz Clinic/Concert will be hosted in Goliad for the students that were selected for the bands this past fall. They will need to take money for lunch and a stop at Whataburger on the way back home if a parent doesn’t pick them up. The schedule for that event will be:

7:20am – Students at Band Hall

8:30am – Student Check-in at Goliad

9:00am – Rehearsal Begins

12:00pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – Rehearsal

4:00pm – Break and get ready for the Concert

5:00pm – Concert Begins

~8:00pm – Arrive at Odem Band Hall


Odem HS and OJH Symphonic Winds Spring Concert:

Next Monday, April 30th, will be our Annual Spring Bands Concert for OJH Symphonic Winds and the Odem HS Bands at 6:30pm in the OHS Cafetorium. This is a required/graded event for all Odem HS Band Students and OJH Symphonic Winds Members. Students will need to wear their standard concert attire for their groups. The order of performance will be the OJH Symphonic Winds, OHS Symphonic Band, OHS Wind Ensemble, Odem HS Full Band, and conclude with the mass band. Call time for OJH Symphonic Winds will be 5:45pm, OHS Symphonic Band 6:15pm, and OHS Wind Ensemble 6:30pm.

The OJH Beginning Band and OJH Concert Band will perform Thursday, May 3rd.


This Week’s Odem Bands Schedule:

Monday:                Band Hall Open until 4:30pm

Tuesday:                Band Hall Open until 4:30pm

Wednesday:            After School Rehearsal for OHS Students and OJH Symphonic Winds

Thursday:               Robstown Festival – Robstown HS

12:30pm – OJH Symphonic Winds

1:30pm – OHS Wind Ensemble

Friday:                     South Coast Jazz Festival – Odem HS Cafetorium

Saturday:                 All-Region Jazz Clinic/Concert – Goliad

Monday, April 30th:   Odem HS Bands and OJH Symphonic Winds Spring Concert