Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 10-26-2020

This week is the final week of the six-weeks. Students should have received their progress reports this past week. Please help us encourage them to get in any missing assignments before the end of the day Thursday. Eligibility from this six-weeks will affect Area Marching Contest on December 5th, as well as HS Region Band Auditions that will take place virtually from the 12th-16th of December. 

Please note on November 7th from 12pm-3pm we will be having a mock-contest for the band at Owl Stadium. We will bring in 3 judges to watch and critique a full run-through of the show, and then help us clean errors they see. This will be a mandatory event for all HS band students. Due to circumstances with COVID-19 we are only doing UIL contests and not our usual pre-contest schedule. Region will be held on 11/21 at Calallen HS, and Area contest will be held on 12/5 at the same location. 

For all juniors we will have a letter jacket fitting day on Thursday in class. We will hopefully have those packets to hand out tomorrow or Tuesday. Please contact me if you have any questions. Herff Jones is the vendor for the jackets, and may also be able to make arrangements in town in case students are absent this day. The school pays for the jacket and the letter for the award for the student. Additional embroidery/patches are left up to the student. Herff-Jones can do them, or you may find it more cost effective to find a local company to add those. 

A reminder that students should be at all of our rehearsals/performances as they are mandatory graded events.

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:               6:30pm-8:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Tuesday:               Band Hall Closed After School
Wednesday:          4:00pm-5:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Thursday:              6:30pm-8:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Friday:                  No School

Upcoming Events:

Friday, November 6th:                      Zone Football Game – Tentative Depending on Other Zone Teams Records
Saturday, November 7th:                  Practice Contest (Taking place of Pre-UIL contests this year) 12:00pm-3:00pm 
Saturday, November 14th:                Possible Rehearsal with Guest Clinician
Saturday, November 21st:                  UIL Region Marching Contest at Calallen HS
Saturday, December 5th:                   UIL Area Marching Contest at Calallen HS

Updated Calendar for 2020-2021 here 

Thank you for all of your help and support, please let us know if you have any questions!