Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 10/5/2020

This week Odem will celebrate homecoming. Please see the section below for more information on that! For Friday’s game I will send out the Presale Code for parents of band students to use on Remind to them. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday – I highly recommend you purchase before then. The site to purchase tickets is here: https://odemedroy.hometownticketing.com/embed/all

If your student is in the virtual option make sure they are completing the assignments daily for all of their classes! For in-person HS Band students I’ve had some parents ask about the assignments in Google Classroom. Most of those will only apply to virtual students at this time. If you see it labeled it labeled Virtual and In-Person, then it’s one they need to complete. Applied Music and Jazz continue to use Google Classroom more, and those assignments generally apply to both in-person and virtual. That also applies to the Beginning Band students. 

For all of their classes, if a student has a question please make sure they contact their teacher in regards to it. Please note that teachers are truly working overtime right now trying to accommodate for in-person and virtual, please help us ensure students are staying on top of work in both places! Six-weeks grades went out last week and eligibility took effect this past Friday at 3:30pm. 

Concession Stand Help Needed!

On Friday we need six to eight additional parents to help at the concession stand on Friday. We expect our home side to sell out of the allowable capacity this week. Please help us out there! With COVID concerns that we know many have, we have chosen not to sign every parent up like we did last year, and really need the help of volunteers. Please contact Mrs. Edwards if you can help! mandiedwards@stfphc.org

Homecoming Schedule

This week homecoming is being held mostly normally. There will be some extra precautions we will be taking as the band. Masks are required for all events, and students should be prepared to socially distance themselves and follow the procedures they will be given.

Thursday:  7pm Parade Step-Off     
 Burning of the ‘O’ to follow
Friday:   7:30pm Odem vs. Falfurrias Kick-Off

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:               6:30pm-8:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Tuesday:               Band Hall Closed
Wednesday:          4:00pm-5:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Thursday:             6:00pm – Students at Band Hall
                                    6:50pm – Parade Line Up  
7:00pm – Parade Begins
                                    ~7:30pm – Burning of the ‘O’
                                    Note Band Hall will close 20 minutes after we play our last song. 
Friday:                 Odem vs. Falfurrias 
                           5:30pm – Students at HS Band Hall 
                           7:30pm – Kick-Off 
                           10:00pm – Game ends

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, September 30th:       Odem JH Beginning Band Instrument Drive
Friday, October 2nd:                  Odem vs. Natalia
Friday, October 9th:                   Odem vs. Falfurrias (Homecoming)
Friday, October 16th:                         Odem vs. Taft
Saturday, November 7th:                  Practice Contest (Taking place of Pre-UIL contests this year) 2:00pm-5:00pm 
Saturday, November 14th:                Possible Rehearsal with Guest Clinician

Updated Calendar for 2020-2021 here 

Thank you for all of your help and support, please let us know if you have any questions!