Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 11/14/2022

Welcome to the final week before Thanksgiving Break! I know everyone is looking forward to the holiday break! The week is mostly a light week, but we do have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening at 7:30pm for all 8th-11th Grade Parents/Students. We are going to discuss the Proposed 2024 band trip. We ask that everyone please make it to the meeting so we can discuss the trip, even if you may have an initial reaction to not go, we really would like all of the students to have the opportunity to attend this amazing trip!

For both JH and HS Band students our next event after that will be All-Region Auditions. All eligible JH Symphonic Winds members are required to audition for the bands, and we strongly encourage all high school students to do it as well! Any student who is interested in being on the Leadership Team next year should note they must either audition for Region Band or participate in UIL Solo and Ensemble as part of the requirements for membership on the team. 

For JH Woodwind and Brass students their auditions will be in the evening on Tuesday, November 29th at West Oso HS. All High School Students, plus JH Percussion Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 3rd at Alice HS. 

One last thing to note as we have those events coming up. Concert Attire requirements are listed here. Please let us know if there is a concern or you need assistance locating concert apparel.

Odem JH:

Ladies: Black Blouse/Black Slacks/Dress Shoes (Blouses need to have some sort of sleeve that extends past the shoulder, and should not be low cut)
Gentlemen: White Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Belt, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes, and Tie (Preferably solid navy blue, but any tie will work)

Odem HS:

Ladies: Black Blouse/Black Slacks/Dress Shoes (Blouses need to have some sort of sleeve that extends past the shoulder, and should not be low cut)
Gentlemen: Black Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Dress Shoes (or Drillmasters), Black Belt, and Black Socks.

Once again thank you so much for all of your help and support this season! 

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:HS Band Hall Open until 6pm for Practice
Tuesday:HS Band Hall Open until 4:45pm for Practice
Proposed 2024 Band Trip Meeting
Wednesday:Band Hall Closed After School
Thursday:Band Hall Open for Practice until 4:30pm
Friday:Band Hall Closed After School

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday Parent Meeting – Planned 2024 HS Trip
(All 8th-11th Grade Band Students + 7th Grade Front Ensemble will be eligible next year and should attend)
7:30pm – Cafetorium
November 29thMiddle School All-Region Brass/Woodwind Auditions West Oso
December 3rdHS All-Region Auditions and Middle School PercussionAlice HS
All Day
December 8thHS Winter Concert6:30pm
December 13thOdem JH Winter Concert6:30pm
December 17thOdem Community Christmas Parade6pm

You may find our full 2022-2023 Odem Bands Calendar here (Includes JH Dates as well): http://www.odembands.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/2022-2023-Odem-Bands-Calendar-v1.pdf

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!