Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 11/16/2020

This week is set to be a very busy week for the Odem Bands! The main event is that UIL Region Marching Contest will be Saturday. For this contest there is a limit of 100 tickets per school for the event. I’m including more information in the section below, but tickets will be held at OEISD Business Office for purchase. Each student may purchase one of the tickets in the initial two days, and after that tickets will open up to first come, first served for purchase. Please see the section below for Fans on attending UIL Marching Contest!

Tuesday night at 7pm we will have our monthly band booster meeting. This will be held at the OJH Band Hall that evening, not the high school. This meeting is the one where we will close out the Football Concessions, as well as begin planning for future events we hope to be able to host later in the year. Please attend if you can! The Boosters are for all band parents of students Grades 6-12, and we’d love to see some junior high parents attend! 

Our high school students will be pushing towards Region Marching Contest this week. It’s imperative that students attend evening rehearsals! Also, we ask that every student be sure they bring the updated medical forms we sent home on Thursday. With the odd start of the year we want to ensure we have current information on all students before traveling Saturday to Calallen. If they forgot them, or lost them, you can find a copy to print off here: https://tinyurl.com/y6hxo432

UIL Region Marching Contest – Fan Information:

Due to COVID restrictions ticket sales are being handled by each school district. Per UIL we are only being allotted a total of 100 tickets for the event for our district. Due to the limited number of tickets we are going to follow similar procedures as the sports teams.

Monday (8/16) beginning at 8:30am, and Tuesday (11/17) up to one ticket per student will be available in the OEISD Business Office for purchase. All tickets are $5 per ticket. There is no charge for pre-school age children (5 and Younger), and no tickets are required for them. Beginning Wednesday we will sell the remaining tickets on a first come first serve basis. Please note that tickets may NOT be purchased at the gate. 

For the day of contest, spectators will only be allowed to sit with their school community within their designated section of the stadium. This will be monitored by the color of arm bands that will be assigned when you arrive. Monitors will assist spectators with finding their assigned section. Tickets will ONLY be valid for the 3A session, between each division the stadium will be cleared and sanitized. There are no In and Out Privileges for this contest. Once you exit the stadium you will NOT be allowed back inside. 

Please contact me if you have specific questions and I will do my best to answer them!

UIL Region Information – Students:

Students need to arrive at 9am on Saturday. We will do our traditional walkthrough, senior speeches, and eat lunch before getting dressed to attend the contest. Seating will be predetermined this week for buses in order to speed up the process and minimize time on the buses. We plan to depart at 12:45pm, and arrive at Calallen to unload and prepare for contest.

Students will need their long black socks, marching shoes, and headbands for their uniform, as well as have their musicians’ masks. Bell covers and masks will be worn through warm-up, and removed only for the performance. Performance time for us is set for 2:20pm, and we anticipate being loaded onto the buses and starting our return trip around 2:45pm. There will be no announcement of ratings like in past years. The contest office will provide our ratings to us as we load/depart from Calallen. 

I anticipate we will have unloaded and students will be able to depart no later than 4pm. 

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:            6:30pm-8:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Tuesday:           Band Hall Closed After School
. 7pm – Booster Meeting at Odem JH Band Hall
Wednesday:     Band Hall Open for Region Practice until 5pm
Thursday:         6:30pm-8:30pm HS Marching Rehearsal
Friday:               Band Hall Closed After School
Saturday:          UIL Region Marching Contest
.                            9am – Students at Band Hall
.                            11am – Lunch 
.                            12pm – Dressed in Uniforms
.                            12:45pm – Depart
.                            1pm – Unload
.                            1:45pm – Warm-Up
.                            2:20pm – Perform
.                            2:45pm – Depart
.                            4:00pm – Ready to be picked up at HS


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, November 21st:            UIL Region Marching Contest at Calallen HS
Saturday, December 12th:          UIL Area Marching Contest at Calallen HS
Tuesday, December 15th:           Odem JH Bands Winter Concert

Thank you for all of your help and support, please let us know if you have any questions!