Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 11/19/2018 – Thanksgiving Break

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Break Holiday! Friday the Odem Owls are playing Tidehaven in Port Lavaca at Sandcrab Stadium at 6:30pm. The OHS Band will be traveling to support the team in their efforts on that day! Students will need to report by Noon to the OHS Band Hall to prepare for the half-time performance. Following our quick rehearsal we will have the send off for the team beginning just after 1pm until they leave at 1:30pm. We’ll be loading up then and heading to Victoria to eat first at Chic-Fil-A, then head to the game in Port Lavaca. Unless students are out of town, all OHS members should be in attendance for this game!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will have the HS Band Hall open briefly from noon until 1:30pm if anyone needs to pick up instruments to practice, or practice on concert percussion instruments. If a JH student needs an instrument they can come to the HS band hall during that time and I’ll run over to the OJH band hall to let them in real quick. All-Region auditions are approaching soon, so it’s imperative that students practice to have their best chances!
I hope everyone enjoys their time off! Happy Thanksgiving!