Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 12/3/2018

This week the Odem Bands will be focused primarily on All-Region Auditions for the OJH and OHS Students trying out on Saturday. Please note the information below for arrival/departure times. We are still seeking a parent who can help with getting the JH students back when they complete the auditions! Please contact Mr. Williams as soon as possible if you are available!

Please note that we have cancelled the lock-in for the OJH students on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Williams will be available after school each day until 5pm to allow students to practice in the JH Band Hall.

Finally please read the Sponsorship Fundraiser information below. The Sponsorship Fundraiser benefits all of our students 6-12 and it’s important that students participate with it. Our goal is for every students to obtain 2 Sponsors!


All-Region Auditions – December 8th

The students from OJH and OHS who are auditioning for the All-Region Bands will need to be at their locations by 6:15am on Saturday (Note the time change from last weeks times). OHS students AND OJH PERCUSSIONISTS will be leaving from the OHS Band Hall. All other OJH Students will be leaving from the OJH Band Hall. We have students meet at those locations to even out the bus loads.

We will depart and have our junior high students begin signing in at the high school by 7:30am. Our directors will have a meeting and begin auditions as soon as we can after that. Traditionally the JH auditions finish up between 1:30-2:30pm. When all JH auditions have concluded we will send the buses back to the JH Band Hall for those students to be picked up. As I said above we need a parent who can travel with the students to ride back/follow the bus with the OJH Students to get them back at that time. Otherwise we will need them to stay with us until the high school concludes around 4:30pm-6pm. Please contact Mr. Williams if you are able to help out with this!

For both JH and HS students, once they have completed their auditions they may be picked up from West Oso, just be sure they sign out with our designated sponsor. HS Band students otherwise will return on the last bus between 4:30pm and 6pm. The contest has nearly a record number of entrants, so it is tough to pin down an exact time the contest will finish.

All students who are entered in the contest must attend. We have paid an entry fee for each student and they are expected to be there. At both the JH and HS we will have some extended hours of practice most days this week for students to receive help.

Students who make a spot in the All-Region Bands will then participate in the All-Region Band Clinic/Concert next weekend on Friday, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th. The concert will begin at 3:30pm on that Saturday.


OJH and OHS Winter Concert – December 13th

The OJH Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Winds will perform their Winter Concert Beginning at 6:30pm on December 13th. The OHS Band will perform their Winter Concert following theirs at 7:30pm, or a ten minute intermission after the OJH Bands. We will provide full arrival times for the concert next week.

Please note that the OJH Beginning Band also has a rehearsal on December 12th after school until 5pm at the OHS Cafetorium. This will be the only time they are able to rehearse with all of the classes together and is a mandatory graded event. Please make arrangements for rides so that students can attend.

(NOTE: There was an early calendar that had this on an incorrect date. Thursday the 13th is the correct date!)


Concert Attire OJH Students:

Gentlemen: White Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Belt, Black Dress Shoes, Black Socks, and tie (Preferably solid Navy Blue)

Ladies: Black Blouse, Black Slacks, Black shoes.


Concert Attire OHS Students:

Gentlemen: Black Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt (with top button unbuttoned), Black Slacks, Long Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes.

Ladies: Black Blouse, Black Slacks, Black shoes. (All Black, no colors)


Screeching Owl Jazz Band 10th Annual Winter Evening of Jazz – December 18th

The Screeching Owl Jazz Band will conclude the Odem Bands Concert Season on Tuesday, December 18th at 7:30pm in the OHS Cafetorium. As always it’s a fantastic evening of holiday favorites, jazz standards, and desserts! We hope you’ll keep this date on your calendar!


Sponsorship Fundraiser

The sponsorship fundraiser was passed out to all students this past week. Our goal is to raise funds for several items this year. For high school students participating there will be funds applied towards the 2020 Washington DC Trip.

We have two other main functions for the funds this year, bringing in specialists on students’ instruments to run clinics with students, and providing some other performance opportunities for students. Please reach out to your employers, relatives, and any other connections you may have. This fundraiser has traditionally been one of our stronger fundraisers through the year. Donors have their names listed in the program, or corporate sponsors receive their ad in the program. We are on a short time frame this year so we ask that you please help us with this! If a corporate donor needs more time please let us know and we’ll work with that. Our goal is for every student to obtain two sponsors! Thanks!


This Week’s Odem Band Hall Schedule:

Monday:               Band Hall Open Until 4:30pm for Region Practice

Tuesday:              Band Hall Open Until 5:00pm for Region Practice

Wednesday:         Band Hall Closed at 5:00pm

Thursday:            Band Hall Open Until 5:00pm for Region Practice

Friday:                 Band Hall Closed at 4:00pm

Saturday:             All-Region Auditions

6:15am – Students at Band Halls for Departure to West Oso HS

7:30am – Check-In Begins for JH Students

~2:30pm – JH Auditions Conclude (If we have a parent we’ll send OJH students home at this point)

~5pm – HS Auditions Conclude


As always please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your support of these amazing students!