Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 12/4/2023

We would like to begin this week to congratulate the members of the Odem JH and Odem HS Bands who earned spots in the All-Region Bands this week! On Tuesday, Odem JH had 24 students earn spots in the region bands, the most of any in our conference across our two sites! Additionally, 5 students earned 1stChair in their sections! Yesterday we traveled with the HS Band Students and 16 students earned a place in the All-Region Bands, and 5 of our students Advanced to the Area Contest that will be held on January 6th! We had three first alternates as well, which may be called up still. Over all it was a great day for our bands! 

All of our students that earned places in the bands will travel on Friday and Saturday to the All-Region Clinic/Concert in Kingsville at TAMUK. We will depart at about 2:30pm on Friday for TAMUK. We’ll feed the students dinner and get them setup for their rehearsals that run from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Afterwards we will return to Odem between 9:15pm-9:30pm. On Saturday students will need to be at their Band Halls by 7:00am to return to TAMUK. Our students will rehearse, have lunch, and then JH students will have their concert at about 2pm in Jones Auditorium. The HS students will rehearse for a while longer before beginning their concerts a little later, with the 3A Symphonic performing at 4pm, 3A Concert at 4:30pm, 4A Symphonic at 5pm, and 4A Concert at 5:30pm. All of those times are approximate and may vary slightly, they’ve been pretty close guesses in the past. There are two other JH bands that will begin performing at 1pm, and another that follows the one our students are in. (JH Band Students are part of the 1C North Zone Band.) 

Saturday students need to bring their concert clothes with them! Please make sure they have them for the performance! ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS SHOULD BE WORN TO THEIR CONCERTS!!!!!!!!! We need alternate travel forms completed before Friday please for students to be picked up. I highly encourage parents to do so, and take your students out to celebrate their great accomplishment after their performance! Making an All-Region Band is worth celebrating! There will be T-shirts and Plaques available from TMF that day to commemorate their performance too. The address can usually be found by typing TAMUK Jones Auditorium in your map app, or this is the address: 859-863 N Armstrong St, Kingsville, TX 78363 There is street parking on Santa Gertrudis Street and a parking lot across the street you may be able to find a spot in to park.

Before we get to the Region even this week though, we do have a rehearsal for the HS Band from 4pm-5pm Monday, then their concert is at 6:30pm on Thursday. We will have a special guest conductor for the evening, Dr. Gary Ciepluch, who was my college band director at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. We’re looking forward to a great concert with him, and we’re planning to have him guest conduct the students who perform in Cleveland there as well!

Please note that the JH Bands have their winter Concert on Tuesday, December 12th. Please see the concert dress section below for those requirements!

We’re in the middle of a very busy couple of weeks here, please help us make sure students are at their events! They are mandatory and graded!

Concert Attire

Concert Attire requirements are listed here. Please let us know if there is a concern or you need assistance locating concert apparel. 

Odem JH:

Ladies: Black Blouse/Black Slacks/Dress Shoes (Blouses need to have some sort of sleeve that extends past the shoulder, and should not be low cut)
Gentlemen: White Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Belt, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes, and Tie (Preferably solid navy blue, but any tie will work)

Odem HS:

Ladies: Black Blouse/Black Slacks/Dress Shoes (Blouses need to have some sort of sleeve that extends past the shoulder, and should not be low cut)
Gentlemen: Black Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Dress Shoes (or Drillmasters), Black Belt, and Black Socks.

Region Results:

Congratulations to the following students for earning spots in the All-Region Middle School Band!

Odem Junior High School:

Katelynn Huerta – Flute 5
Audrina Marcelino – Flute 7
Mariana Torrez – Flute 8
Joslyn Laurel – Bb Clarinet 3
Nicholas Laird – Bb Clarinet 7
Aaliyah Martinez – Bb Clarinet 12
Darin Mendez – Alto Saxophone 1
John Mata – Alto Saxophone 3
Olivia Orozco – Tenor Saxophone 1
Isabella Huerta – Cornet/Trumpet 1
Alex Rodriguez – Cornet/Trumpet 2
Alysel Huerta – Cornet/Trumpet 5
Berta Jasso – Cornet/Trumpet 12
Priscilla Jaime – F Horn 4
Adrian Casarez – F Horn 6
Ysidro Roman – Tenor Trombone 1
Grady Outlaw – Tenor Trombone 3
Vincent Elizondo – Euphonium 1
Colton Langley – Euphonium 4
Vladimir Hunter – Tuba 2
Robby Perez – Tuba 5
Lilah Morin – Percussion 4
Xzavier Perez – Percussion 5

Congratulations to the following students for earning spots in the All-Region Bands, and our 5 who Advanced to Area!

Odem High School

Angelica Soto – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Flute 6 
Jenessa Sygaco – 1A-3A Concert Band – Flute 17 
Lillan Kiefer – 4A Concert Band – Oboe 6 
Abigael Ferguson – 4A Symphonic Band – Bassoon 2 Advanced to Area
Irma Coronado – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Bb Clarinet 5 Advanced to Area
Vanessa Sauceda – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Bb Clarinet 9 
Olivia Rocha – 1A-3A Concert Band – Bass Clarinet 6 
Elena Molina – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Alto Saxophone 5 
Vince Barrera – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – F Horn 5 
Benjamin Castaneda – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Cornet/Trumpet 5 Advanced to Area
Shawn Williams – 1A-3A Concert Band – Cornet/Trumpet 21 
Eva Garcia – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Tenor Trombone 3 Advanced to Area
Avyn Corona – 1A-3A Concert Band – Tenor Trombone 9 
Adrian Aguirre – 1A-3A Symphonic Band – Euphonium 2 Advanced to Area
JJ Gomez – 1A-3A Concert Band – Tuba 7 
Julissa Huerta – 1A-3A Concert Band – Percussion 11 

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:HS Band Rehearsal 4pm-5pm
Tuesday:7pm Owl Band Booster Meeting
Wednesday:Band Hall Closes at 4:15pm
Thursday:6:30pm HS Band Winter Concert 
(Students at Band Hall by 6pm for Warm-Up)
Friday:Region Day 1:
Depart at 2:30pm for TAMUK
Return about 9:30pm
Saturday:Region Day 2:
Depart at 7am for TAMUK
~2pm: JH North Zone Band Performs
4pm: 1A-3A Symphonic Band Performs
4:30pm: 1A-3A Concert Band Performs
5:00pm: 4A Symphonic Band Performs
5:30pm: 4A Concert Band Performs
~7:15pm: Students Return to Odem

Upcoming Events:

Thursday:Odem HS Winter Concert with Guest Conductor Dr. Ciepluch6:30pm
Friday/Saturday:JH and HS All-Region Clinic/Concerts at TAMUK 
December 12th:Odem JH Winter Concert6:30pm
January 6th:High School Area Auditions 

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!