Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 12/6/2021

I would like to begin this week by congratulating the students of the Odem Bands on an outstanding few days of region auditions! We began on Thursday with 28 Odem JH students making the All-Region Bands – which was already the record for us. When the Odem JH percussion students auditioned yesterday they increased that number by four more! In total 32 Odem JH students made the bands, the most of any band in our classification, and tied for the most with the larger classification! 

Odem HS students auditioned yesterday, with 18 of them winning chairs in the bands. 5 Students also placed high enough to advance to the Area Round that will occur January 8th in Alice. We were among the top three most well represented schools in our classification yesterday as well! Two students, Jonathan Espinoza and Martin Doria placed first in their sections!!! Please see the Region Recap below for all of the students who made the bands! 

Those students will all travel to Kingsville on Friday and Saturday to rehearse and perform with the All-Region Bands. I will place more specific information in that section below.

Tuesday of this week we will be having our monthly booster meeting at 7pm in the HS Cafetorium. It’s important that we begin seeing some new faces as we have several officers graduating this year! Please come if you can! We can take trip payments this evening as well!

Thursday will be the Odem HS Winter Concert at 6:30pm in the Cafetorium. HS students wear black blouse/button down shirts/black slacks, black dress shoes, and black socks for gentlemen (along with a black belt). Gentlemen wear their shirts with open collars – no tie. Students need to be at the Band Hall by 6pm to warm-up and prepare for the concert. They are the only group performing on that evening.

Region will again take place Friday/Saturday, then Monday we will have the after school rehearsal for the beginning band students at the HS. OJH Beginning Band Students need to stay after school for their one full rehearsal together. Rides should be there to pick them up at 5pm. The following night, on Tuesday (December 14th) will be the Odem JH Bands winter concert. I will provide more information on call times for that next weekend.

Please note that for all band students, concerts are a mandatory part of their grade in the classes. Students must be in attendance at concerts, as there is no realistic way to make up the experience of performing a concert! If there is a significant event such as illness or death in the family we do consider that. If something like that comes up, Mr. Rash or Mr. Williams should be contacted prior to the concert!

All-Region Band Results and Clinic/Concert Information

Before I go into more information on the itinerary for the groups, please see this list of students who were selected for membership in the All-Region Bands.

Odem Junior High

Macy Laird Flute – 1st chair 1C Symphonic Band

Mareli Martinez Flute – 20th chair 1C Concert Band

Michelle Rogers Oboe – 1st chair 1C Symphonic Band

Alma Almendarez Bb Clarinet – 1st chair 1C Symphonic Band

Isabella Aguirre Bb Clarinet – 14th chair 1C Concert Band

Brianna Ortiz Bb Clarinet – 19th chair 1C Concert Band

Tatum Martinez Bb Clarinet – 21st chair 1C Concert Band

Audryna Martinez Bb Clarinet – 23rd chair 1C Concert Band

Olivia Rocha Bb Clarinet – 24th chair 1C Concert Band

Jose Antonio Mata Alto Saxophone – 8th chair 1C Concert Band

Jonah Garcia Alto Saxophone – 10th chair 1C Concert Band

Caitlyn Ramirez Tenor Saxophone – 3rd chair 1C Concert Band

Charlie Thomas F Horn – 6th chair 1C Symphonic Band

Deasia Doria F Horn – 7th chair 1C Concert Band

Jayden Ayala F Horn – 9th chair 1C Concert Band

Benjamin Castaneda Cornet/Trumpet – 1st chair 1C Symphonic Band

Von Barrera Cornet/Trumpet – 6th chair 1C Symphonic Band

Adrienne Contreras Cornet/Trumpet – 12th chair 1C Symphonic Band

Shawn Williams Cornet/Trumpet – 14th chair 1C Concert Band

Eva Garcia Tenor Trombone – 1st chair 1C Symphonic Band

Andrew Alaniz Tenor Trombone – 3rd chair 1C Symphonic Band

Avyn Corona Tenor Trombone – 6th chair 1C Symphonic Band

Ashlyn Deleon Tenor Trombone – 12th chair 1C Concert Band

Timothy Rogers Euphonium – 1st chair 1C Symphonic Band

Caleb Gonzalez Euphonium – 5th chair 1C Symphonic Band

Jesus Gomez Tuba – 3rd chair 1C Symphonic Band

Joel Casarez Tuba – 7th chair 1C Concert Band

Katalina Gomez Tuba – 11th chair 1C Concert Band

Julissa Huerta Percussion – 6th chair 1C Symphonic Band

Aliana Montez Percussion – 12th chair 1C Concert Band

Aurora Garcia Percussion – 13th chair 1C Concert Band

Josiah Villarreal Percussion – 14th chair 1C Concert Band

Odem HS

Tomas Dunlap Alto Saxophone- 8th chair 

Kassidi Tijerina Bass Clarinet- 2th chair Area – 1A-3A Symphonic Band

Savannah Beltran Bb Clarinet- 2th chair Area – 1A-3A Symphonic Band

Evelyn Contreras Bb Clarinet- 3th chair Area – 1A-3A Symphonic Band

Emma Doria Bb Clarinet- 12th chair – 1A-3A Symphonic Band 

Lillian Kiefer Bb Clarinet- 16th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band 

Irma Coronado Bb Clarinet- 20th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band 

Vanessa Sauceda Bb Clarinet- 30th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band 

Kalista Ocana Cornet/Trumpet- 8th chair – 1A-3A Symphonic Band 

Kayla Tovar Cornet/Trumpet- 10th chair – 1A-3A Symphonic Band 

Jonathan Espinoza Euphonium- 1st chair Area – 1A-3A Symphonic Band

Adrian Aguirre Euphonium- 5th chair – 1A-3A Symphonic Band 

Martin Doria F Horn- 1st chair Area – 1A-3A Symphonic Band

Beau Hill F Horn- 6th chair – 1A-3A Symphonic Band 

Raelynn Ramon F Horn- 7th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band 

Annaid Olvera F Horn- 9th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band 

Angelica Soto Flute- 18th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band 

Justin Andrade Percussion- 12th chair – 1A-3A Concert Band

For those students who were selected for a band we travel this weekend to Kingsville. On Friday we will leave school at the end of the school day, and return around 10pm for students to be picked up at the Odem Band Halls. (JH and HS will return to their respective halls that night) On Saturday students will need to be at their Band Halls by 7:30am. The JH Bands will begin their performances at 1pm that Saturday (2pm and 2:30pm for our classification), and the HS Bands in our Classification will begin at 4pm and 4:30pm. We will provide more specifics about the itinerary on that day to students by Tuesday.

For HS students who are registered for the ACT, they are able to still get a ride back over to Kingsville after their test completes and show their ACT test ticket to their band organizer to be allowed to perform that day still. This is a pretty normal conflict that we do work around. 

For all students who make the bands I strongly encourage parents to come watch them perform, pick up a souvenir T-shirt/plaque, and take them out to celebrate afterwards! This is an amazing accomplishment for our students! 

Upcoming Winter Concert Information

We are also quickly going to be coming up on our Winter Concerts! Please note that Thursday, December 9th(Next week) is the HS Band Winter Concert, and Tuesday, December 14th is the Odem JH Bands Winter Concert. Both concerts will take place in the Odem HS Cafetorium. 

Concert Attire for Students:

Odem JH:

Ladies: Black Blouse and Black Slacks with black shoes.

Gentlemen: White Button-Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Dress Shoes, Black Socks, Black Belt, and a tie (Preferably navy blue)

Odem HS:

Black Blouse/Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, and Black shoes.

Please note that every student MUST attend their Winter Concert performance. It is a major grade for both the six weeks and part of their Semester Exams/Projects!

2022 Orlando Trip

A second trip payment should have been made this past month. If you haven’t turned that in please do so! The link below will allow you to make payments directly to them.



This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:Band Hall Open for Region/Solo and Ensemble3:30pm-4:00pm
Tuesday:Band Hall Open for Region/Solo and Ensemble
Band Booster Meeting
Wednesday:Band Hall Open for Region/Solo and Ensemble3:30pm-4:00pm
Thursday:HS Winter Concert6:00pm HS Band Students in HS Band Hall for Warm-Up6:30pm
Friday:JH and HS All-Region Clinic Day 1
3:00pm – Students Report to Band Halls 
5:00pm – Rehearsals Begin
~8:45pm – Depart Kingsville
~10pm – Students Picked up from Band Halls
Saturday:JH and HS All-Region Clinic Day 2/Concert
7:30am – Students Report to HS or JH Band Halls
8:30am – Arrive in Kingsville
9:00am-11:30am – All Students Rehearse
11:30am-12:45pm – Lunch Break
1:00pm – JH Bands Concerts Begin at TAMUK Jones Auditorium
(HS Bands rehearse until 2:45pm at HM King HS)
4:00pm – HS Bands Concerts Begin at TAMUK Jones Auditorium~6pm – Bus with any students departs for home. (Prefer parents come to watch the concert and pick their students up! Please make it a special day for them! They have a lot to be proud of!)


Upcoming Events:

December 9thHS Winter Concert6:30pm
December 10th/11thAll-Region Clinic/Concert(Mandatory for Students Selected for All-Region Bands 
December 13thOdem JH Beginning Band After School Dress Rehearsal – Odem HS Cafetorium3:45pm-5pm
December 14thJH Winter Concert6:30pm

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!