Odem Bands Schedule Week of 1/23/2017

I hope this message finds you well! This week doesn’t have a great number of events for the bands. We wish the students involved in this weeks Stock Show good luck with their events!
Please note that for Juniors we will have letter jacket fitting tomorrow during class. The school pays for the jacket/letter only, all other patches being placed on the jacket and extras are the responsibility of the student/family. Checks get made out to Herff Jones for those.
Remember we need deposits for Florida by February 1st. That deposit is $100 – we need to have a clear set of numbers by that day for us to begin finalizing our plans.

Band Hall Schedule:

Monday: Open for Practice until 4:30pm
Tuesday: Open for Practice until 4:30pm
Wednesday: Open for Practice until 4:30pm
Thursday: Open for Practice until 4:30pm
Friday: Open for Instrument Pickup until 4pm