Odem Bands Schedule Week of 1/30/2017


I hope this message finds you well as we quickly approach the end of January! This week will be one of the last weeks we have limited events on our calendar. I would like to remind everyone that we need deposits for the 2018 HS Band Trip to Florida by Wednesday, February 1st. It is imperative that we have a good solid number of students at that date. We are still short of the numbers that we estimated when we began planning this trip and may have to make adjustments to the itinerary if we are to keep our original plan.
No matter what we will make sure a trip happens, but it may have to be adjusted from our original proposal significantly if we don’t boost the numbers up. Please help us ensure that we can make this great opportunity happen! The deposit is $100 and the total cost of the trip is currently estimated at $1,200. It is open to our current 8th-11th Grade band students. The trip is 6 Days/5 Nights and will include transportation, 3 Days at Disney, 2 Days at Universal Studios, Hotel, Breakfast each morning and a lunch/dinner meal voucher each day.
Junior High Band Fundraiser
The Odem Junior High Band is currently conducting a fundraiser through ‘Mixed Bags.’ Students received packets with catalogs/forms and information for online ordering as well this past week. Please note there is a tax form that needs to be followed as money is collected. All funds turned in need to be in Check or Money Order, if you wish to collect cash and convert it to a money order or personal check that is acceptable. We only ask that when the funds are turned into the band hall there is no cash.
This fundraiser is especially imperative for us as we will be splitting band halls next year and will need to essentially duplicate most of our equipment and a good number of instruments.
High School EOC Tutoring
I’ve been asked to help encourage freshmen and sophomores to attend the tutoring sessions from 4pm-5pm on Mondays. As such the band hall will be closed to those students after school on Mondays until their tests have been completed. Buses will be provided for those students. Please contact the high school for more information about the tutoring.
Band Hall Schedule:
Monday:  Band Hall Closes at 4pm
Tuesday: Recording for JH Region Jazz after school
Wednesday: Band Hall Open until 4:30pm
Deposits for 2018 Florida Trip Need to be In
Thursday: Band Hall Open until 4:30pm
Friday: Band Hall Open until 4:00pm
Thanks for your help and support!
Mr. Steven Rash
Director of Bands
Odem High School