Odem Bands Schedule: Week of 3/26/2018

This week we would like to congratulate the Screeching Owl Jazz Band on their 3rd Consecutive 1st Place in Class 3A at the TAMUK Jazz Festival! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the students this past Friday!

We would also like to thank Mrs. Jasso, Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Dominguez, and anyone else involved in the fundraiser this weekend. They put something together to try and help raise some funds to help last minute needs before our final payment – we very much appreciate their time! Thanks to everyone who went by and supported the sale!

The schedule this week is lighter for our events, but we will be in full swing preparing for the next months events. Please talk with your high school students and make sure they have given you a ticket order form for Windi and Jazzi. Our goal is to sell completely out for this event. Tickets range from $20 to $25 depending on seats chosen. If you would like to have seats with the back tables or the center tables I recommend ordering them online here: https://odemhsband.ludus.com . We will sell all seats via students forms, but they are first come first serve. On the online website you can see which tables have sold already.

Each HS section is also responsible for bringing an item within a theme for their basket to be auctioned in the silent auction. Flutes – Beach/Pool Themed, Oboe – Camping, Clarinets – Cooking Stuff, Saxophones – Star Wars, Trumpets/Horn – ‘Treat Yo Self’ (Relaxing stuff, blankets, and snacks), Trombones/Euphonium – Barking Goods, Tubas – Comedy Movies, Percussion – Movies.

The 8th Grade Band Members theme is camping, and the 7th Grade Band Members theme is BBQ.

We ask that each student try and bring in at least one item that fits the theme for their basket by April 6th. That will give our volunteers plenty of time to help put the baskets together for the silent auction. If you are having trouble identifying a good item for the basket the boosters have suggested a donation of $10 will let them go and buy something that will fit.

Florida Trip Final Payments:

Please remember all student accounts should be at $0 for any balances due by next Tuesday, April 3rd. It is imperative that students be completely paid off as we have to make our final payment to our travel agent the next day. I will e-mail statements and print them off for all students in a short while. Thanks!

Colorguard and Leadership:

Anyone interested in joining The Spirit of OHS Colorguard should come after school tomorrow for a brief meeting. Practices will start Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Tryouts are will be May 4th for both color guard and Drum Majors.

Leadership meetings will also begin this week. Tentatively we are going to plan Tuesday and Wednesday after school until 5pm for these meetings. With the change in lunch schedules for the HS this year we may have to play around with the schedule before we settle on something that works well for us.

Summer Band Dates:

I know families are working to setup their summer travel plans, so I want to give you a heads up on summer band dates.

Drum Major Camp: July 5-9

Colorguard Camp and Percussion Camp: July 16-18

All HS Marching Band: July 23-25, and July 30th-School Start

The district calendar for next year is still pending board approval, but I believe this should be the final dates. I will be sending home a full summer band calendar by the end of this week, as well as a tentative 2018-2019 Band Calendar.

SAT and ACT Dates for Fall:

Our Juniors should be looking at SAT and ACT dates for their upcoming college applications. we wanted to let you know that we are not scheduled for anything on the October 27th ACT date this year, so that will be available for students. (On advancing years this is usually a problem date for us so we try and let everyone know) With the SAT we ask that students schedule a date other than the October 6th date since we will be having a competition that day. In general we always advise students to take whichever test they decide is their best fit at least twice. With the ACT in particular it’s the general consensus that a score will go up 2-3 points each time a student takes the test.

Upcoming April Events:

April is going to be a very busy month for us. I’m going to list all of the dates below – please triple check that you have marked these dates on your calendar:

April 3rd: Band Booster Meeting – ALL FLORIDA TRIP PAYMENTS DUE!

April 4th: Odem JH Concert Band – UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest in San Diego (AM performance)

April 20th: Odem HS Bands rehearsal with Dr. Ciepluch

April 21st: Windi and Jazzi (6pm) Fundraiser (Note Students will have rehearsals that day leading to the event)

April 25th: Odem JH Symphonic Winds and Odem HS Joint Rehearsal After School until 5:30pm (Necessary for Spring Concert the following Monday)

April 26th: Robstown Concert Band Festival – Odem JH Symphonic Winds 12:30pm and Odem HS Wind Ensemble 1:30pm

April 27th: 8th Annual South Coast Jazz Festival – Hosted in Odem this year

April 28th: All-Region Jazz Band Clinic/Concert – Goliad

April 30th: Odem Bands Spring Concert at 6:30pm (Odem JH Symphonic Winds, Odem HS Symphonic Band, Odem HS Wind Ensemble, Full Band, and combined bands)

May 3rd: OJH Beginning Band and OJH Concert Band Spring Concert 6:30pm

May 7th: Mandatory Final Trip Meeting

May 14th: Screeching Owl Jazz Band Spring Evening of Jazz


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!