Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 3/4/2024

This week is our last before Spring Break, so we will be focusing on preparing students for their Pre-UIL Concerts and UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation which will come up soon after Spring Break. The JH Pre-UIL Concert is scheduled for Monday, March 25th for JH Symphonic Winds and Concert Band, and Tuesday, March 26th for the Odem HS Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. UIL Dates are April 4th and 5th, and we will provide a schedule for those when it is available. 

Last week we started a new fundraiser through ‘MoneyDolly’ for the bands. So far at this time we’ve raised $3,129 of our $5,000 goal! If you haven’t already been shown, one side of this fundraiser involves selling digital discount cards. There are a number of businesses and restaurants who have signed onto the fundraiser locally. Right now the part of the fundraiser that has been most successful has been the other side of it where donors can just donate funds to the fundraiser. The most important part of this fundraiser is getting the students connected to as many potential donors via the app as possible. We have asked the students to put at least 10 adults into their ‘circles’ on the app, as well as getting you as parents/guardians signed in as helpers so you can add your contacts to their circles as well. (Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents can potentially be added as helpers too!) Then if you will also please share the link that’s available in the app on all social media platforms as well!

We need students to help us with selling them by completing the steps to join the fundraiser if they haven’t already added their photo and joined in. Instructions may be found here: https://launch.moneydolly.com/fundraiser/100998 (Join Code is 27MV-KUNA

We have our show for next year selected, ‘Legends of the Alamo,’ and are anticipating a need for props to be built and printed for the show. With that in mind we are hoping to raise that 5k with this fundraiser! Please help us get the word out and support the students!

Finally, Spring Band fees should be turned in by this time for 7th-12th Grade students. Please turn those in as soon as possible! Fees are $25/Student payable via Check or Money Order. They help to offset many of the costs in the spring with clinicians, supplies, music, etc. Please make payment out to OEISD, Memo: Band. Please contact us if you have any questions!

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:Band Hall Closed
Tuesday:Band Hall Closed
Wednesday:Band Hall Closed
Thursday:Band Hall Closed
Friday:Band Hall Closed (Students should pick up instruments after school to take home for break!)

Upcoming Events:

March 25thOdem JH Pre-UIL Contest Concert6:30pm
March 26thOdem HS Pre-UIL Contest Concert6:30pm
April 4th-5thUIL Concert and Sight-ReadingTBA
April 26th11th Annual South Coast Jazz Festival 
May 4thWindi and Jazzi Fundraiser 
May 10thAmerican Classics Festival: Odem HS Wind Ensemble and Odem JH Symphonic Winds at Del Mar College2pm/3pm
May 13thOdem JH Symphonic Winds and HS Spring Concert 
May 14thOdem JH Beginning Band and Concert Band Spring Concert 
May 16thCleveland Trip Meeting (Mandatory for Participants and a parent/guardian)7pm
May 24thGraduation 
May 26th-27thUIL State Solo and Ensemble 
June 3rdCleveland Send-Off Performance 
June 4th-8thCleveland Trip 

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!