Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 4/1/2024

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the students at their Pre-UIL Concerts this past week! We’re currently making our final adjustments and preparations for UIL at the end of this week with the feedback we received from the judges. Thursday at 12:45pm the Odem JH Symphonic Winds will perform at Tuloso-Midway HS Auditorium, and they’ll sight-read at 1:10pm. Friday at 11:30am the Odem HS Wind Ensemble will perform on stage, and sight-read at 12:00pm, also at Tuloso-Midway HS. The event is free and open to the public, and we welcome any parents who are able to attend! More specific itineraries are listed below. 

For Thursday, JH Symphonic Winds students should bring their concert clothes to change into after athletics, or arrive in them if they’re not in athletics. They will be released to the Band Hall after checking into their 2nd Period Class. 

On Friday Odem HS Band students should arrive in their concert clothes, they’ll be dismissed from their 1stPeriod Class following attendance. Any late arrival students should ensure they are there no later than 8:15am! 

Both groups will be given lunch while we are out, and will return before school buses depart.

Our next big event we will be preparing for is Windi and Jazzi, on May 4th. We have assigned students theme items to bring by section. We ask that every member of the group please bring one item around $10 in value that fits in the theme to make silent auction baskets. If you would please help us make sure we have received these items by this week! Windi and Jazzi traditionally is a great fundraiser for us, and these baskets are a big part of that! Thank you to those of you who have already sent items in!

Flutes/Oboe: Baking Basket (Baking Sheets, Cake mixes, cookbooks, cookie cutters, etc.)
Clarinets/Bassoon: Spa Basket (Candles, Bath soaps, etc.)
Bass Cl/Saxes/F Horn: Outdoor BBQ (BBQ Cooking Utensils, Aprons, Sauces, Grill accessories, etc.)
Trumpets: Family Night (Games, Movies, etc)
Trombones/Euphoniums/Tubas: Coffee Lovers (Bags of Coffee, Coffee Cups, Flavorings, etc.)
Percussion: Cooking Basket (Spatulas, pans, recipes, spices, cooking gadgets, etc)
Junior High Students: Gardening Basket (Seeds, Gardening tools, Gloves, etc.)

Finally, for those students attending the Cleveland Trip, we should have trips paid in full by the end of this week please! There is a little bit of a grace period, but the tour company is at the point they have to finish purchasing tickets and that is a hard deadline they give us.

Concert Attire

Concert Attire requirements are listed here. Please let us know if there is a concern or you need assistance locating concert apparel. 

Odem JH:

Ladies: Black Blouse/Black Slacks/Dress Shoes (Blouses need to have some sort of sleeve that extends past the shoulder, and should not be low cut)
Gentlemen: White Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Belt, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes, and Tie (Preferably solid navy blue, but any tie will work)

Odem HS:

Ladies: Black Blouse/Black Slacks/Dress Shoes (Blouses need to have some sort of sleeve that extends past the shoulder, and should not be low cut)
Gentlemen: Black Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Dress Shoes (or Drillmasters), Black Belt, and Black Socks.

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:No School
Tuesday:Band Hall Closed
Wednesday:Band Hall Closed
Thursday:Odem JH Symphonic Winds UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation
12:45 pm Stage Performance
1:10 pm Sight-Reading
Friday:Odem HS Wind Ensemble UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation
11:30 am Stage Performance
12:00 pm Sight-Reading

Upcoming Events:

April 4th-5thUIL Concert and Sight-ReadingTBA
April 26th11th Annual South Coast Jazz Festival 
May 4thWindi and Jazzi Fundraiser 
May 10thAmerican Classics Festival: Odem HS Wind Ensemble and Odem JH Symphonic Winds at Del Mar College2pm/3pm
May 13thOdem JH Symphonic Winds and HS Spring Concert 
May 14thOdem JH Beginning Band and Concert Band Spring Concert 
May 24thGraduation 
May 26th-27thUIL State Solo and Ensemble 
June 3rdCleveland Send-Off Performance 
June 4th-8thCleveland Trip 

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!