Odem Bands Schedule Week of 4/3/2017


The big event for this week will be our ‘Marches of the Past Fundraiser,’ on Saturday. We have several major needs for this fundraiser to be successful! The first is please spread the word around. I believe we will sell many tickets at the door, but it is imperative we sell as many as we can prior to the middle of this week. Please make sure your student has turned in any unsold tickets or the money for them as they are responsible for the tickets. I believe I have about 10 students who have not returned either from the high school band.
The second is we need items for the silent auction. We’re asking for every student to bring in just one item that fits their classes basket. So far we have not received many items – please help us get these items in by Tuesday!
Just as a reminder those classes are:
Class of 2017 (Seniors): Camping/Lakeside Basket
Class of 2018 (Juniors): Movie Night
Class of 2019 (Sophomores): Game Night Basket
Class of 2020 (Freshmen): Baking/Cooking/Ice Cream Basket
Class of 2021 (Eight Graders): As Seen on TV
Class of 2022 (Seventh Graders): BBQ Basket
Please help us to make this second part of the fundraiser very successful!
High School students will have a sign-up available for them on Monday. We are looking for 10-15 students to help serve the meal that night. We also need a half-dozen parents to help with preparation of the food. Please contact myself or come to the Booster Meeting Tuesday night at 7pm.
The full list of films and tentative times are:

Seating Begins at 5:45pm-6:10pm: Screeching Owl Jazz Performs
6:10pm: 1960s (unknown)
6:12pm: 1969 Marching Contest
6:18pm: 1970 Marching Contest
6:24pm: 1971 Marching Contest
6:30pm: 1973 Marching Contest
6:38pm: 1974 Homecoming Film
6:44pm: 1974 Marching Contest
6:50pm: 1977 Marching Contest
6:58pm: 1978 Marching Contest
7:05pm: 1980 Marching Contest
7:13pm: 1987 Marching Contest
7:20pm: 1989 Marching Contest
7:30pm: 1990(?) Marching Contest
7:40pm: 1991(?) Marching Contest
7:47pm: 1997 Marching Contest
7:58pm: 1999 Marching Contest

Following those times shows will be played upon request from the remaining years available including 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

UIL Contest Times:
Our UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest is the week after this. Those time are tentatively:
April 12th:
Odem High School Symphonic Band: 9:20am
Odem Junior High Symphonic Winds: 2:20pm
April 13th:Odem High School Wind Ensemble: 8:30am
We will publish these with itineraries once they have been set more in stone, but I wanted to get them to you early in case parents wish to make arrangements to get off of work to come see the performances.
Spring Concert Dates (NOTE Changes Please!)
We were requested to make an adjustment to avoid impact on state testing with our original concert dates and have consequently flipped the HS Jazz Concert and JH Symphonic Winds/HS Bands Concert dates. The remaining dates for us then are:
April 8th: Marches of the Past Fundraiser
April 12th/13th: UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest
April 28th: South Coast Jazz Festival (Orange Grove)
April 29th: Region Jazz Clinic/Concert (Goliad)
May 4th: Junior High Beginning Band and Concert Band Spring Concert (Cafetorium)
May 9th: Spring Evening of Jazz
May 11th: JH Symphonic Winds and HS Bands Spring Concert
May 26th: Graduation
May 29th: UIL State Solo and Ensemble
This Weeks Band Hall Schedule
Monday:     Leadership Meeting at Lunch
  Band Hall Open until 4pm for Instrument Pickup
Tuesday:     Guard Practice 4pm-5pm
Band Booster Meeting 7pm
Wednesday: Band Hall Open until 4:30pm
Thursday: Guard Practice 4pm-5pm
Friday: Band Hall Open until 4:30pm
Saturday: Marches of the Past Fundraiser
Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! Thanks!