Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 6/15/2020

I hope this message finds everyone well! Last week we selected our Color Guard for the 2020 Marching Season, and this week we hope to set the Drumline and Front Ensemble as well. We will be holding two short rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday form 1pm-3pm. Those students should fill out this form if they have not already done so: https://forms.gle/Jodbv5s1tFSVUQnR9

This past week there has been updated guidance from UIL/TEA that is removing the cap of students by numbers, and is now based on space available. With that in mind we are planning on a rehearsal on Monday, June 22nd if students are available. We’ll meet from 6:30pm-8:30pm and make sure that everyone has instruments and their show music. Given we have not met and rehearsed since March, I think it would be very beneficial for us to get together that evening. Students will need to follow the Summer Odem Bands Safety Rules down below, and bring a signed form with them when they arrive for percussion rehearsals and the full band rehearsal.

For all of our summer rehearsals we are under strict guidelines that may or may not relax further as the summer continues. As of this past weeks guidance it became more feasible for us to move forward with summer marching rehearsals at the end of July/August. A major UIL meeting takes place this week, and I believe we may receive some updated guidance again. For now we are planning on our summer dates remaining what we have sent out in the past. With the loss of the last two months of school, summer rehearsals will be even more imperative than they have been in the past as we prepare for our season.

  • June 17-18: Percussion Meetings/Line Selection
  • June 22nd: Evening Music Rehearsal at Odem HS Band Hall
  • July 15-17: Percussion Camp
  • July 20-22: Guard/Percussion Rehearsals
  • July 27-31st: Full Band Back – Summer Band Rehearsals (All)
  • July 31st: March-A-Thon
  • August 19th: Meet The Band

All of the above dates for rehearsals should hold unless conditions cause more restrictions for us and athletics. August 19th Meet The Band is tentative depending on what we discover about restrictions moving forward with events as well. You can find our tentative 2020-2021 calendar here. I have held off releasing it this year with everything that has been going on, but wish to allow families time to plan around our events. There is no true way to plan with everything going on, so we’re just going to do the best we can with putting our traditional schedule out there and adjusting when we need to.

Summer Odem Bands Safety Rules

(Please Note These are Mostly UIL Rules/Guidance for this Summer)

  1. Students need to have this form completed when they arrive. (We will have a few extras)
  2. Cloth masks should be worn when arriving, and when not working out. This is especially important during the temperature check process where we cannot social distance.
  3. Upon arrival students will have their temperature checked one at a time and be screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Any student with a fever must immediately go home. We will begin fifteen minutes before the rehearsal with bringing students in one at a time through our back side door at the HS.
  4. At all times students must be a minimum of 6 feet apart from one another. When actively working on routine/workouts students should maintain 10 feet of distance.
  5. Come dressed in appropriate clothing that you can move and stretch well in.
  6. Bring a water jug filled with water from home – YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE WATER FOUNTAINS.
  7. There can be NO SHARED food or water.
  8. Restrooms must be restricted for emergency use only due to sanitization requirements. Only one student should enter at a time.
  9. When students complete their practices, they should return home and immediate change/shower. 

This is an unusual year and we are doing our best to adjust/prepare for our upcoming season. If for some reason there are any concerns or issues with these dates please feel free to contact Mr. Rash via email or Remind.

We hope to begin seeing everyone again soon!