Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 7/22/2022

Summer has quickly flown around here, and we’re in the midst of preparing for The Spirit of OHS to begin our 2022 Marching Season! We are looking forward to an exciting and busy fall with our students as we prepare our show ‘The Road Not Taken’ for both UIL, and our final contest at the Bands of America Super Regional Championship in San Antonio in November. If you have a student participating with the high school band, please make sure that you pay attention to these next reminders. Remember, Band Camp starts on Monday, July 25th!

  1. All Freshmen/Juniors/New Students should have a new physical on file with the athletic trainer or the band hall office by 7/25. (If a student did get a new one last year it is good through this year, touch base with me about that) We cannot take a student outside for marching practices until they have completed that! (They are allowed to participate in indoor rehearsals in the meantime)
  2. Day 1 of Band Camp on the 25th, we will be traveling to the Drum Corps International competition being held at Calallen HS that evening. Our schedule for that day will be adjusted slightly. Because we are traveling on that day we need to have forms signed and completed. You may find those forms here (http://www.odembands.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/2022-2023-Odem-Band-Forms.pdf) or you may pick them up from the HS Monday through the morning on Wednesday. (I will leave a stack in the front office in case I am running around campus)
  3. For that event the Boosters have contributed the majority of the funds for students’ tickets. We need every student though to bring $5 (Cash is allowed in this instance only) that day to help pay for their tickets. If this is a problem please let us know – we will work with families on this. (Ticket prices are $28/ticket with fees)
  4. March-A-Thon Fundraiser! Please see below for more information, but we will have our March-A-Thon Fundraiser that first Friday of camp. Please help us solicit donations and get the word out that we will stop along the route to play for houses for a donation of $50! We can also make stops at the park if you don’t live along the route! (Our goal is every student raise $50+ for this!)
  5. If students have not been up and about much this summer, we highly recommend they begin at least going for a walk of a 30 minutes/or a mile or so every evening this next week. Marching Band is physically a sport, and it is important students are prepared to be active.
  6. Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! This is a much hotter summer than we had last year, and Hydration is going to be one of the most important keys to student health this summer and fall. Prior to coming to band students should not be drinking energy drinks, highly caffeinated beverages, or cokes as they make dehydration even more of a problem. If a student comes to rehearsals already behind in their hydration levels it’s impossible to improve it while we’re outside. Please help us encourage healthy habits here! (We will have new half-gallon jugs for students the first day of band camp)

Guard Rehearsals

This week we bring in our guest clinicians to teach routine to our guard. All members MUST be in attendance this week to learn their routines! We will begin at 9am at the JUNIOR HIGH Band Hall. There will be a lunch break at noon, and then we’ll go from 1pm-5pm on Monday and Tuesday. For Wednesday the schedule will change a bit to be 9am-11:30am, and 12:30pm-2:30pm. They will present a little preview of what they’ve learned at 2:30pm. 

Members should come in comfortable clothing they can move in similar to the camp they were at in Commerce. Water jugs/bottles should be brought and may be refilled from the water fountain in that building. 

Leadership Team

This week the leadership team will meet to work on preparing for the season on Monday morning, and all day on Tuesday. Team members need to wear clothing they can move in and be prepared for reviewing fundamentals and various prep tasks. We will be also discussing and planning for Summer Band to start. All section leaders and drum majors need to be there! Tuesday evening beginning at 7:30pm we also need their help in finishing dotting the field. 


We will hold our Annual March-A-thon Fundraiser on July 29th! Step-off is at 6pm, and when we complete the event we have a pool party for the band students. You may find the forms here: http://www.odembands.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/2022-Marchathon-Packet.pdf Or you may pick them up from the Band Hall this week or next! Please help us get the word out that we will stop at houses along the route for a donation of $50 and play a song. Donations may also be accepted, or pledges made. Our goal is that every student raises $50 to help pay for things like 3rd Quarter snacks/meals through the season! 

Donations/Checks should be made out to the Owl Band Boosters. Cash will only be collected when a booster officer is available to collect it. We will set those days/times at our booster meeting this week. Please contact me if you have any questions or need a formal letter for a business. Donations of $250 or more get announced at the end of our half-time performances.

2022 Summer Band Schedule

You may find our 2022 Summer Band Schedule linked below, as well as listed our major competition dates for the fall at the bottom. Please note that Summer Band is mandatory for participation in The Spirit of OHS! If a conflict arises with a date we ask that you reach out to us early so we can be aware, and maybe make something work out to make multiple things happen. We try and be as flexible as possible on many things, but with marching band it is important to have every spot on the field covered. (Any missing members in drill can result in deductions for us as a band at contests!)

Please help us make sure students have the best possibility of being successful this next year! 


This Week’s Schedule:

Monday:Guard Camp (JH Band Hall)
Leadership Meetings (HS Band Hall)
9am-12pm & 1pm-5pm
Tuesday:Guard Camp (JH Band Hall)
Leadership Meetings (HS Band Hall)
Monthly Owl Band Booster Meeting
Parking Lot Dotting Help Needed
9am-12pm & 1pm-5pm
7:30pm Until Done
Wednesday:Guard Camp (JH Band Hall)Preview Performance at 2:30pm (JH Band Hall)9am-11:30am, 12:30pm-2:30pm
Thursday:No Events 
Friday:No Events 

Upcoming Events:

July 18-20 Guard Camp RehearsalsSee Above
July 19th  Owl Band Booster Meeting (HS Cafetorium)6pm
July 25thBand Camp Begins!Travel to watch DCI Calallen Contest  
July 29thAnnual March-A-Thon Fundraiser/Pool Party6pm

You may find our full 2022-2023 Odem Bands Calendar here (Includes JH Dates as well): http://www.odembands.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/2022-2023-Odem-Bands-Calendar-v1.pdf

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!