Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 7/24/2023

Welcome to the first week of HS Summer Band!!! Beginning tomorrow every one of our members is back. Mornings/early afternoon has sectionals, late afternoon inside music rehearsal, and evening outside marching practice. It is imperative that we have students at all of their portions of summer band – please help us make sure they get there! Missing one day of summer band is like missing 4 days of a normal week, so it’s important we have everyone! 

When students arrive, they should make sure they have their UIL Health Pre-Participation Survey (all)/Physicals (Freshmen/Juniors/Any expired) turned into us or athletics. We can see in RankOne if they have been turned into them. https://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/forms/PrePhysFormRvsd1_10_20.pdf

Students need to have a large water jug (half-gallon size or bigger) especially for our evening rehearsals. We will have new water jugs for students, but they won’t be in for another two weeks. Students should come in school appropriate shorts/t-shirts that they can move in, as well as tennis shoes. No crocs or sandals should be worn for student’s safety, as well as marching techniques we’ll be using. 

On Friday beginning at 6:00 pm we will have our annual March-A-Thon. Students may solicit pledges per mile or step, flat donations, corporate sponsorships, etc. We will stop at any house along the route and play for $50. Additionally, if someone does not live along the route we have often stopped at the park or in front of the school to perform for donors as well! This will be our first big fundraiser of what will be a busy year for us, you may find the donation forms here if you want to get a jump start. If a business needs a formal donation letter please let us know! http://www.odembands.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/2023-March-A-Thon-Form.pdf Following the marching portion of the evening we will go to the pool and hang out until around 9 pm. 

It’s imperative for our success that students are always present to ‘Be There, Work Hard!’  Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have!

Students who do not have good attendance at summer rehearsals may be made an alternate for the season. Missing summer band completely may result in removal from band at the director’s discretion.

Summer Band 7/74-7/27 Schedule
Mallet Percussion9:00am-10:30amBand Hall
Colorguard Sectional9:00am-12:00pmHS Cafetorium
Woodwind Sectional9:00am-11:30amJazz Room
High Brass Sectional10:30am-12:00pmBand Hall
Low Brass Sectional12:00pm-1:30pmBand Hall
Battery Sectional11:30am-1:00pmJazz Room
Leadership Meeting2:00pm-2:45pmBand Hall
Full Band Music Rehearsal Inside
Guard in Band Hall
Stage/Band Hall
Outside Marching Rehearsal6:30pm-8:30pmParking Lot

This Week’s Schedule (7/24-7/28):

Monday:Summer Band (See Schedule Above)
Tuesday:Summer Band (See Schedule Above)
Wednesday:Summer Band (See Schedule Above)
Thursday:Summer Band (See Schedule Above)
Friday:March-A-Thon – Students at Band Hall at 5 pm, Step-off at 6 pm

Upcoming Events:

July 24thHS Summer Band Camp Begins 
July 28thMarch-A-Thon Fundraiser6 pm
August 16thMeet the Band8:00 pm 
August 23rdBeginning Band Instrument Night4:30 pm – 7 pm
August 25thOdem vs. Karnes City (Home)7:30 pm
September 1stOdem vs. Tidehaven (Tidehaven) 
September 4thEvening Rehearsal (Labor Day)6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Thank you for your help and support of these amazing students! Please contact us if you have any questions!