Odem Bands Schedule – Week of 9/23/2019

Welcome to the beginning of a very busy month for the Odem Bands! Before I get into the many upcoming events this month, I would like to first congratulate our 4 students who successfully earned spots in the All-Region Jazz Bands this weekend! Samarra Medina (Tenor Sax – 3rd Chair), Kalista Ocana (Trumpet – 2nd Chair), Jennifer Garcia (Trumpet – 5th Chair), and Ethan Sanchez (Trombone – 3rd Chair) all made the All-Region Jazz Band, and will perform with them in April! Additionally Kalista and Ethan both recorded their Area Audition that is submitted to the final state round that will be heard in November. We wish them both the best of luck!

This week The Spirit of OHS begins their competitive season with our first contest at AC Jones HS in Beeville. This is going to be a major competition for us as the majority of the bands we will compete against at Area Marching Contest will also be present! A total of 19 bands will compete in Class 3A, so we anticipate the competition to be strong! Below I have our schedule for that contest. It will be $5 at the gate for spectators to attend the contest. We also need parent help with props/equipment. If you are able to help with either of those items please meet Mr. Williams about 5:30pm around our equipment area. We perform at 6:45pm as the last band in Class 3A. This is going to be an important contest to prepare for Area as Beeville will be hosting that as well.

Friday we will also have a home game versus Santa Rosa. Last week we appreciated having a good amount of parent help! High School Parents please be sure to come help if you have been assigned this week’s concession stand date. We can also use Junior High Parent help at both the HS game and the Thursday JV/JH Games this week. Contact Mrs. Mandi Edwards with any questions in regards to the concession stand. We need to continue to have the great level of volunteers we had this past week! Thank you again so much to every parent who helped this past weekend!!!!

Beeville Marching Contest – Saturday:

Students will need to be at the Band Hall by 1pm to prepare for the marching contest this week. Please ensure that they have their band shirt, shorts for under uniform, band shoes, Long black socks, water jug (filled with ice beforehand preferably), and money for the concession stand after we perform. Please encourage your students to eat at least a good lunch before they come and hydrate throughout the day leading up to the contest. Students should not drink energy drinks the day of the contest to help them be at their best and avoid any heat related issues.

1:30pm – Students Arrive at Band Hall for walkthrough/warm-up
2:30pm – Pack instruments/trailer, change into Bibbers
3:30pm – On Buses for departure
4:30pm – Arrive at AC Jones and begin to Unpack trailers
5:00pm – Final checks and prepare for walk to warm-up area
6:00pm – Warm-Up Begins
6:25pm – Leave Warm-Up
6:45pm – Perform
8:45pm – Announcement of results
9:00pm – Depart for Home
10:00pm – Arrive at Band Hall and unload rental truck

We hope that you will all come out and support your students at this contest!

Jourdanton Marching Contest – Saturday, October 5th:

We received information about the USBands Jourdanton Showcase this week. This contest is a unique performance in that we compete at 3pm, have results at 4:15pm, and then get a chance to work with the judges and the band at 6:15pm for a quick clinic with the judges. We are anticipating needing the band students to be at the Band Hall by 8am that morning. Following our performance we will have a break to feed the students and attend the awards before getting ready to join the line for the clinic. We tentatively think we’ll be departing to return home around 7pm to get home by 9:30pm. As I receive more confirmation of details this week I will give a more specific itinerary next week.

Upcoming Events:

Friday: Odem vs. Santa Rosa (Home)
Saturday: Beeville Marching Contest (AC Jones HS – Beeville) (6:45pm Performance Time)
October 5th: US Bands Showcase (Jourdanton HS – Jourdanton)
October 11th: Odem vs. Hebbronville (Hebbronville)
October 12th: Marching Band Clinic with guest clinician 3pm-6pm
October 18th: Odem vs. Monte Alto (Homecoming)
October 19th: UIL Region Marching Contest (Sinton)
October 25th: Odem vs. Banquete (Banquete)
October 26th: UIL Area Marching Contest (AC Jones HS – Beeville)

You can find the 2019-2020 Odem Bands Calendar here. (http://www.odembands.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-2020-Odem-Bands-Calendar-Version-1.1.pdf)

Schedule this Week:

Monday: 6:30pm-8:30pm – Marching Rehearsal
Tuesday: No Rehearsal, Marching Percussion Maintenance
Wednesday: 4:30pm-6:00pm – Marching Rehearsal
Thursday: 6:30pm-8:30pm – Marching Rehearsal
Friday: Odem vs. Santa Rosa
5:00pm – Students at Band Hall to Prepare for Game
7:30pm – Kick-Off
Saturday: Beeville Marching Contest
1:30pm – Students Arrive at Band Hall
3:30pm – On Buses for departure
4:30pm – Arrive at AC Jones and begin to Unpack trailers
6:00pm – Warm-Up Begins
6:45pm – Perform
8:45pm – Announcement of results
9:00pm – Depart for Home

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!