Odem Bands Schedule: Week of 9/19/2016

I hope this message finds you well as we enter into the 5th week of the school year. This week we especially would like to emphasize that we need volunteers for the concession stand each week. It is imperative that we have upwards of 20 parents volunteer each home game to man both of our concession stands. This past week we experienced a malfunction with the coke coolers in the visitor concession stand, but we will need additional help in order to run both for the final three varsity home games with that stand running. We also need some additional volunteers to help on our JV/JH Games on Thursday nights.  The 5 Booster Officers have been doing an amazing job of running things, but they cannot do it alone! Looking forward in the season we have very few parents currently signed up for the October games.


In exchange for your time as a volunteer we do waive the $50 Spring Band Fee for your 7th-12th Grade student(s). The following are the remaining dates for Varsity Games: October 7th vs. Skidmore-Tynan, October 21st vs. Monte Alto, and October 28th vs. Hebbronville. If you are able to volunteer for any of these games please visit either go to www.odembands.org, click Charms at the top, then go to the volunteer tab at the top. There you can sign-up and we will get the information from you. Or you may e-mail me your name, good contact phone number, and the date of the game you are able to help at.


There are additional Thursday night games we need help with as well, so if you cannot make a Friday game please let me know if there is a Thursday you can work instead. This coming Thursday is going to be another big night for needing volunteers due to the 7th, 8th, and JV games all being at home this week.


All-Region Jazz Results


Next up I would like to congratulate the members of the Odem HS Screeching Owl Jazz Band who competed this weekend at the All-Region and All-Area Jazz Auditions! We had a record 13 students make the All-Region Band, and a record 6 All-Area Jazz Musicians that recorded for the final State Round of competition! No other 3A high school had more members of the band, and only one 4A high school had more students make it! Those students were:


All-Region Jazz Members: Joey Aguirre – Alto Sax, Alexis Soliz – Alto Sax, Breanna Sanchez – Tenor Sax, Matthew Chavez – Trumpet, Roberto Ramirez – Trombone, Lesley Barra – Trombone, and Abaigeal Tovar – Piano


All-Area Jazz Members: Alex Rubio – Alto Sax, Clara Sanchez – Trumpet, Brandon Morin – Trombone, Ethan Tracy – Bass Bone, Justin Ridgway – Drums, and Christina Montoya – Drums


We congratulate those students on their outstanding accomplishment! The State Judging of the All-Area member recordings occurs in early November each year.


Junior High Percussion (7th and 8th Grade)

Junior High Percussionists were given an order form for sticks and mallets a couple weeks back. Those orders are due on Tuesday. Please remember 7th Grade students are required to have a stick bag, snare sticks, bell mallets, and medium cord mallets (Innovative Percussion IP1005). They may continue to use their snare sticks and bell mallets from 6th Grade. 8thGrade students are required to have the same as 7th Grade Students plus a set of timpani mallets (Vic Firth T1 General). Students should also have their own Marching Snare or Marching Tenor Sticks if they are playing those drums at the pep rallies each week.


Prop Helpers and Game Helpers


This week for our game we are hoping to begin using at least 2-3 props on the field. For each we will need 2-3 people to help move them. If you have the time and can help us with them we would greatly appreciate it! For our first marching contest in New Braunfels on October 1st I am anticipating needing 12+ additional parents helping us move equipment. There is a space to volunteer to help for that event on the Odem Bands Charms site as well.


We also need additional parent volunteers to help ride buses to games. You must complete the background check for the district prior to riding on the buses. You may find that form at www.odembands.org by clicking Volunteer


Spirit of OHS Marching Band Trip to Orlando 2018


This past week the OEISD Board of Trustees approved our 2018 trip to Orlando, Florida. Next week we will have a meeting to pass out information about the trip at 6pm on Monday, September 26th. We will be using a payment plan like with did with the NYC trip to help make the trip payments as affordable as possible. This trip will be available to current 8th-11th Grade students.


Band Hall Schedule this Week:


Monday:          6:30pm-8:30pm Evening Marching Rehearsal


Tuesday:          Band Hall Open until 4:30pm for Practice


Wednesday:    5:00pm-6:00pm Evening Marching Rehearsal


Thursday:        6:30pm-8:30pm Evening Marching Rehearsal

5pm-9:30pm Concession Stand for 7th/8th/JV Games


Friday:             Odem vs. Santa Gertrudis at TAMUK Kingsville Javelina Stadium

Students at Band Hall by 4:30pm, Return about 11:45pm


Saturday:         Calallen Drumline COMPETITION CANCELLED


Thank you as always for your help and support of these amazing band students!