Odem Bands Schedule: Week of 9/26/2016

I hope this message finds you well! Before I get into the details of the week please note that this week is the final week of the first six weeks. Please help us keep an eye on your students grades and assignments as we close out this six-weeks. This will effect eligibility for all 7th-12th Grade students through the end of marching competitions, football games, and pep rallies.
This week we have a few significant events to be aware of that I will discuss more in detail below including our 2018 Florida Trip Informational Meeting Monday at 6pm and our first marching contest. Please note that we are tentatively planning an after school rehearsal on Friday due to rain in the forecast on Monday. If we get a solid week of rehearsals in we may cancel the Friday rehearsal.

Florida 2018 Trip Meeting – Tomorrow (Monday) at 6pm

For our NYC trip we planned the trip over a two year period and took payments in over that time on a payment plan. By doing this we were able to keep payments to a reasonable amount and also able to save some money by having the resources to jump on deals such as airfare when they became available. I believe this is the best practice for this next trip as well. If you are unable to attend the meeting tomorrow night please make arrangements with me at another time and I will do my best to accommodate that. Fall is a busy time, so I chose tomorrow as the best date to get this meeting in. It will last about a half-hour from 6pm-6:30pm. The 2018 trip to Florida will be available to all band students currently in grades 8th-11th.

First Marching Contest at New Braunfels HS

Our first contest of the season for The Spirit of OHS will be this Saturday. Students need to be at the Band Hall at 6:30am for our pre-show walkthrough. We will board the buses and depart no later than 7:15am. Our performance is scheduled for 12:00pm at their stadium; we are the first band to perform that day. I do have passes for parents who volunteer to help move equipment at the contest. Otherwise admission is $15/Person to be admitted into the stadium. We are planning on having most, if not all of our props completed for Saturday. As such it is imperative that we have plenty of help. I believe we will have 4-5 more props to move on and off of the field than we did this past week at TAMUK. We really need all of the help that we can get to allow the students to have their most successful performance!
Students will receive a meal from the concession stand following their performance. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 3:15pm. Following the awards our staff will meet with the judges before taking the students to eat at Incredible Pizza. Students should bring money for games there if they wish to play.

Weekly Odem Bands Schedule

Monday: 6:00pm Florida 2018 Meeting
6:30pm-8:30pm Evening Rehearsal
Tuesday: Band Hall Open until 4:15pm
Wednesday: 5:00pm-6:00pm Evening Rehearsal
Thursday: 6:30pm-8:30pm Evening Rehearsal
Friday: 4:30pm-6:00pm Rehearsal/Pack Trailer (Depending on weather this week)
Saturday: 6:30am at Band Hall for Walkthrough
7:15am Depart Odem
10:15am Arrive at New Braunfels HS Stadium
11:15am Warm-Up
12:00pm Perform
3:15pm Awards Ceremony
5:30pm Dinner at Incredible Pizza
7:00pm Depart San Antonio
~9:30pm Arrive in Odem
Thank you once again for your help and support. We are fixing to have a busy month here in October and we cannot do it without your help!