Odem Bands – Update Week of 6/22/2020

As of June 22nd, UIL has allowed for increased numbers of students to rehearse inside. That number was high enough that we had scheduled a tentative rehearsal for tomorrow night. With the state/local cases seeming to increase, we’re going to be cautious and hold off with a full band rehearsal. If things change we might try and have one on July 13th. Please stay tuned to our website, Facebook Pages, Remind, and Twitter for updates. It is my hope that we will be able to resume our normal summer band dates that I have listed below.

Additionally, I want to make sure that parents are aware that UIL has made some one-time adjustments to the physical requirement the was put into place last year. Every student’s parent/guardian must complete a health questionnaire that we will send out in a few weeks. There are a few questions that if the answer is ‘yes,’ they will need a pre-participation physical still. Otherwise UIL is extending all physicals students have had to this coming year. 8th Graders who participated in athletics their 7th or 8th Grade Year at Odem JH will be fine, and all students who were in the OHS Band this past year will also be fine.

Coach Huerta is working with the districts normal physician to come up with a plan for those students who will need it. UIL understands that many doctors offices have been avoiding unnecessary visits in the current environment. We will pass on the information when those plans are set.

  • July 13th-14th: Leadership Training Days
  • July 15th-17th: Percussion Camp
  • July 20th-22nd: Guard/Percussion Rehearsals
  • July 27th-31st: Full Band Back – Summer Band Rehearsals (All)
  • July 31st: March-A-Thon
  • August 19th: Meet The Band

All of the above dates for rehearsals should hold unless conditions cause more restrictions for us and athletics. You can find our tentative 2020-2021 calendar here. We have based it on our normal schedule, and will adjust as needed.

We know this is a stressful time right now with everything going on. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!