Pre-UIL Contest Concert Date Change – March 31st


We have had the date of Monday, April 4th on our calendar for the Pre-UIL Concert and have run into some issues with the date conflicting with Varsity Softball. As such we have been looking for an evening that would be the best possible option. Unfortunately this time of year we find ourselves in the situation that there really is no great option of no conflict with the junior high and high school sports and activities schedules. Mr. Williams and I have been looking at all options of dates in an attempt to find one that has the least impact on students in the band.
As such we are moving the Pre-UIL Contest Concert up to Thursday, March 31st. Coach Silguero and I have discussed the one conflict with the freshman baseball game and are working to try our best to make both events possible to happen for those gentlemen. It will probably be a day or two before we will set the time of the concert because of that. Unfortunately in the four remaining weeks after Spring Break before contest this is the only date that seems feasible for us.
As always Concert Attire will be Concert Black for ladies and gentlemen at the high school, and the established concert dress clothes of the junior high. We will send out a reminder of that attire over the break next week.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your help and support!
Mr. Steven Rash
Director of Bands
Odem High School